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MeWe FAIR + Gem Show

Jun 25-26, 2022

Eugene, OR
Masks Optional
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Lane Events Center


796 W 13th Ave
Eugene, OR










Event Details

Enjoy 50 Readers, Healers and Vendors + 20 Talks at our Metaphysics & Wellness Fair + Gem Show for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul in Eugene, OR! Everyone is welcome!

Saturday-Sunday June 25-26, 2022 @11am-7pm

Happy Solstice! We'll have swamp coolers to keep things comfy and yummy food for your belly! Choose from curry veggie stew with chicken or tofu, teriyaki chicken, hummus and veggies, wraps, salads, snack bars and natural drinks.

$5 Admission each day (details below)

11am-12pm Each Day - Intuitive Panel with Audience Q&A
12-7pm Each Day - Talks + Group Readings/Healings
11am-7pm - MeWe Metaphysical & Wellness Fair

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystals • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!


In our INTUITIVE PANEL @11am-12pm EACH DAY, a selection of our Practitioners will offer free readings/healings (included with admission) in an informal panel format, answering questions from the audience. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!

The Fair + Talks will continue until 7pm.

At this Fair, Enjoy these Readers, Healers and Vendors:

•    Mini Moon Oracle Readings + 5 Minute Miracles with Anastasia Moon
•    Supporting Empaths and the Community in Decoding & Detecting Narcissistic Traits & Behaviors with Author, Angela Myer - The Undetected Narcissist
•    Reiki Infused Crystals & Jewelry With a Purpose with Aphena
•    Natural Handmade Incense for Ritual Purpose with Audri The Alchemist
•    Tarot Readings with Bianca’s Retreat
•    Crystals, Rocks & Minerals with Cactus & Succulents with Black Market Bohemia
•    Mediumship & Shamanic Sessions with Cammra Griffin
•    VortexHealing®️ Divine Energy Healing with Carey Egan of Merlin's Magic
•    Intuitive Soul Coaching with The Chakra Coach, Cathy Gasper
•    Plant Based Answers for Everyday Life with Cathy Wilson
•    Psycards Products & Readings, Books from Spirit Garden Publishing and Gift Items with Catt Foy
•    Vibrational Sound Therapy with Chaz of Sound Crystal Vibrations
•    Handcrafted Wire-Wrapped Talismans with Coliene's Mystical Wrapped Stones 
•    Spirit Guided Tarot Readings with Connie
•    Fortunes Told by Dandeli Tarot & Stichomancy
•    Handsewn Luxurious Tarot Pouches & Decks with Datura's Ambry
•    Color Energy Healing & Oracle Card Readings with DeBorah Beatty
•    Dreamy Art Inspired by our Spiritual Connections with Nature with Eva Creature
•    Home Decor, Jewelry & Altar Items Crafted from Treasures Found on the Oregon Coast by Farrah's Treasures 
•    Shamanic Sessions with Flores Shamanic Healing
•    Channeled Soul Group & Akashic Readings with Gizelle 
•    Communication with Animals both Living & Deceased with Hannah Smargiassi
•    Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Astrologer & Handmade Crystal Sun & Moon Catchers & Other Metaphysical Items with The Twin Moons
•    Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Ritual Items for Everyday with Jayme Arroyave
•    Past Life Regression, Dreamwork & Custom Meditations with Jennifer
•    Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson
•    Channeling, Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, QHHT with Divine Timing Metaphysical Services
•    Energy Clearing & Oracle Card Readings with Hawaiian Kahuna Kai Bertrand
•    Healing Your Soul with Interdimensional Healer Sara Sol
•    Theta Healing with Kathleen Krantz
•    Handmade Goods from Nepal with Katmandu Trading Co.
•    Empathic Intuitive Spiritual Bodywork & Wellness Coaching with Kim Holman
•    Tarot Reading, Energy Work, & Intuition Coaching with Krista James
•    Langenburg Oxygen Water: Science in Harmony with Nature
•    Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology & Matchmaking with Laureli Shimayo
•    Healing Chakra Art with Mallory McKay
•    Energy Shifts from Physical & Emotional Healing with Mark Ludeman
•    Pristine Oregon Mountain Spring Moon Fusion Water
•    Vibrational Sprays, Readings & Healings with Nicole Person
•    Imported Products from Asia with Quang Bui of Lhasa Trade
•    Wearable Alchemy Infused with Archetypal/Ancestral Energy & Intentions with Raven Meyers
•    Purest Blends of Healing Oils with Ravenscroft Escentials
•    Crystals, Jewelry & Handmade Crafts with Raynekara Kirby of Earth and Star Alchemy  
•    Feng Shui Products with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui
•    Spiritual Insights & Healing with Sharon Appelbaum
•    Tarot & Astrology Readings with Society of Tarot & Astrology Readers
•    Intuitive Tarot Readings with Susie of Spiritual Freedom Tarot
•    3 & 11 Card Tarot Readings + Book with Sue Ellen Kolman of Tarot for All Time
•    Pendants, Earrings & Beads with Sue Ploeger
•    Metaphysical Items & Crystals with TandT Creations
•    Elemental Living Reiki Energy Healing & Tarot Reading with Wilcox Gwynne
•    Tarot, Wicca, Magical Practices & Intuitive Insights with Witch Moon Magical Arts


Many more to come!


Enjoy these Talks:

11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
12:30 PM    Teaching the Empath How to Manage Energy with Kim Holman, Wellness Coach (Booth #41)
1:00 PM    Capacity Building with Wilcox Gwynne (Booth #30)
1:30 PM    How to Access & Use Your Power Rainbow with DeBorah Beatty (Booth #16)
2:00 PM    Speaking Your Truth with Difficult People with Angela Myer (Booth #41)
2:30 PM    Advanced Manifesting & Energy Shifting Techniques with Anastasia Moon (Booth #42)
3:00 PM    Connect with Your Soul Group/Guides with Gizelle (Booth #26)
4:00 PM    Trauma Release with Cathy Gasper (Booth #10)
4:30 PM    OH! Card Readings for Opening Your Intuition with Laureli Shimayo (Booth #11)


11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
12:30 PM    The Art of Stichomancy, What is it? What can it do? with Dandeli (Booth #17)
1:00 PM    Quantum Energy Secrets for Staying Healthy with John Thompson (Booth #40)
1:30 PM    Physical & Emotional Healing with Mark Ludeman (Booth #12)
2:30 PM    Conscious Online Dating via Eye Readings with Laureli Shimayo (Booth #11)
3:30 PM    Exploring the Subconscious with Past Life Regression & Dreamwork with Jennifer (Booth #12)
4:00 PM    Speaking Your Truth with Difficult People with Angela Myer (Booth #41)


More to be announced!


$5 Admission includes Intuitive Panel, Talks and parking. Kids are FREE (all ages). $20 max per family. FREE after 5pm. Please pay at the door or ahead on Eventbrite.


Sessions available at booths. Each Practitioner sets their own fees, often lower than their private sessions.


The Fair is on Saturday-Sunday June 25-26, 2022 @11am-7pm at the Lane Events Center at 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402. Parking is FREE.


Details are on Facebook at:


Sign up to share your work by clicking on the Get a Booth button and filling out the form at


Please visit for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo,, 720-352-2434 (text)

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