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MeWe FAIR + Gem Show

Sep 9-10, 2023

Eugene, OR

MeWe Fairs Eugene Sep 9-10 2023 v3 FB.jpg

Lane Events Center

796 W 13th Ave
Eugene, OR

Exhibit Hall

Rooms 3-4













Event Details

Enjoy 40 Readers, Healers and Vendors + 20 Talks at our Metaphysics & Wellness MeWe Fair + Gem Show for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul in Eugene.


Everyone is welcome!


The Fair is on Saturday-Sunday Sept 9-10, 2023 @11am-7pm/5pm at the Lane Events Center Exhibit Hall Rooms #3-4 at 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402. Parking is FREE


$5 Admission each day

11am-12pm Each Day - Intuitive Panel with Audience Q&A
12-7pm/5pm Each Day - Talks + Group Readings/Healings
11am-7pm/5pm - MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair + Gem Show

Everyone at the Fair will be invited to wear a heart sticker if they are open to dating, so everyone dating can find each other. And there is a Metaphysical Singles Mingle on Saturday @6pm!

Gemstones • Crystals • Wire-Wrapped Pendants • Crystal Grids • Crystal Skulls • Geodes • Petrified Shells & Fossils • Handmade Jewelry • EMF Protection • Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!

All Are Welcome

In our INTUITIVE PANEL @11am-12pm EACH DAY, a selection of our Practitioners will offer free readings/healings (included with admission) in an informal panel format, answering questions from the audience. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!

The Fair + Talks will continue until 7pm/5pm.

At this Fair, Enjoy these Readers, Healers and Vendors: 
•    Natural Handmade Incense for Ritual Purpose by Audri Aviles of Audri The Alchemist
•    Langenburg Oxygen Water: Science in Harmony with Nature by Ben Ginsberg of Langenburg Water
•    Tarot Readings with Bianca’s Retreat
•    Handmade Medicinal Teas and Tinctures by Elephantal Wellness
•    Tarot, Reiki & Astrology with Brionna Chelgren of Mystic Mantis Arts
•    Mediumship Readings & Channeled Energy Healing with Cammra Garza of Woodland Healing
•    Bees Wax Products, Crystals, & Custom Designs by Lux HandCrafted Designs
•    Reiki Infused Jewelry & Intuitive Soul Coaching with The Chakra Coach, Cathy Gasper
•    Reiki with Chris Brown
•    Color Energy Healing & Oracle Card Readings with DeBorah Beatty
•    Shamanic Astrology Readings with Erik Roth of Inspiral Nexus
•    Holistic Alternative Health Practices with Sound & Color Therapy with Mike Beverly of ReMynde Energetics & Spa 
•    Crystals Metaphysical Supplies & Kits by Jared Carter of Minshara Minerals
•    Intuitive Energy Healing & Tarot Readings with Jaye
•    Handmade Goods by Ohana Boutique
•    Intuitive & Channeled Tarot Guidance with Jill Amy Sager
•    Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson
•    Charms Readings, Tarot Readings & Divination Tools by Aquarian Moon
•    Handmade Sculptures with Healing Crystals & Jewelry by Mystic Mermaid Arts
•    Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Astrology & Jewelry with Karianne Marie
•    Healing your Soul with Interdimensional Healer Sara Sol
•    Naturopathic Herbalism & Holistic Living with Kaylee Sweet
•    Vibrational Upgrade Energy Medicine with Kristi Putnam of Unlimited Possibilities Energy Medicine
•    Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology & Matchmaking with Laureli Shimayo
•    Aeroponic Garden Systems & Plant Powdered Nutritional Products with Linda Sebring of LL Sebring Systems Collaborations
•    Upcycled, Unscented, & Unique Candles by Lizzie Schneider
•    Meaningful Tailsmans to Inspire & Empower by Mallory Metz
•    Natural Care Products for Body, Mind & Soul Created by Mugsy's Natural Goods
•    Akashic Record Readings, Channeling & Mediumship with Momo Carter
•    Healing Helpers for Your Wellness Journey with Nadine Sandbo of Love of Quartz
•    Mediumship, Card Readings, Oracle Deck & Metaphysical Art by Odwssa Ford of The Faerie Ring
•    Akashic Channeling, Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Reiki & Chakra Cleansing with Raquel Stewart of Astral Light
•    Feng Shui Products & Spiritual Jewelry with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui
•    Crystal Skulls & Focus Meditation with Seadar Green of Crystal Focus Alchemy
•    Aura Photos & Readings via Biofeedback with Aura About You
•    Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy with Sherry
•    Pendants in Stone, Ceramic, Metal with Sue Ploeger of Silk Road Trading Company
•    3 & 11 Card Tarot Readings + Book with Sue Ellen Kolman of Tarot for All Time
•    Mediumship: Contact Your Beloved Dead, Magical Books & Card Divination with Joanna Brook & Taylor Ellwood of Brightheart Alchemy Guides
•    Galactic Origins Starseed Readings, Spiritual Pendulum Channeling/Chakra Clearing, Energetic Crystal Healing + Pendulums, Wire Wrapped Spiritual Jewelry, & Healing Crystals with Intuitive Coach Tiffany Rose
•    Intuitive Dowsing, Sound Healing, Space Clearing & Golden Child Energy with True Delight with Trudy Light


Enjoy these Talks (included with admission):

11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A with 6+ Practitioners
12:30 PM    Your Akashic Records: Using the Magic Within You with Raquel Stewart (#38)
1:00 PM    Sigil Magic: How to Manifest Desires with Symbols with Joanna Brook & Taylor Ellwood (#10)
1:30 PM    Color Ray Energy: Living Your Rainbow with DeBorah Beatty (#11)
2:00 PM    Human Energetics & Sound Frequency with Mike Beverly from ReMynde Energetics & Spa (#5)
3:00 PM    Glimmers & Triggers with Karianne Marie (#35)

4:00 PM    Mediumship Messages from Beyond with Odessa
6:00 PM    Metaphysical Singles Mingle (for All Dating Styles) with Laureli Shimayo (#28)
11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A with 6+ Practitioners
12:30 PM    Who Am I? Get a Deeper Understanding of You + Connect with Your Higher Self Through a Guided Meditation with Cathy Gasper (#23)
1:00 PM    Tarot, Reiki & Astrology with Brionna Chelgren of Mystic Mantis Arts (#18)
1:30 PM    Quantum Energy Secrets for Staying Healthy with John Thompson (#37)
2:00 PM    Your Akashic Records: Using the Magic Within You with Raquel Stewart (#38)
2:30 PM    How to Work with Crystal Skulls with Seadar Green of Crystal Focus Alchemy (#15)

3:00 PM    Mediumship Messages from Beyond with Odessa

$5 Admission includes Intuitive Panel, Talks and parking. Kids are FREE (all ages). $20 max per family. FREE after 5pm. Pay at the door.

Sessions available at booths. Each Practitioner sets their own fees, often lower than their private sessions.

The Fair is on Saturday-Sunday Sept 9-10, 2023 @11am-7pm/5pm at the Lane Events Center Exhibit Hall Rooms #3-4 at 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402. Parking is FREE.

Details are on Facebook at:

Sign up to share your work by clicking on the Get a Booth button and filling out the form at

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Please visit for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo,, 720-352-2434 (text)

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