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MeWe FAIR + Gem Show

August 5-6, 2023

Yachats, OR
Masks Optional
RSVP on EB or FB

MeWe Fairs Yachats Aug 5-6 2023 v1 FB.jpg

Yachats Commons


441 Hwy 101 N
(at 4th St)

Yachats, OR

Sat: 10am-6pm

Sun: 9am-5pm





@10am & 9am





Event Details

Enjoy 50 Readers, Healers and Vendors + 20 Talks at our Metaphysics & Wellness Fair + Gem Show for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul in Yachats, OR! Everyone is welcome!

[We are holding space for the 24th Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic & Crafts Fair to come back in 2024.]

The Fair is on August 5-6, 2023: Saturday @10am-6pm and Sunday @9am-5pm at Yachats Commons, a charming, refurbished vintage elementary school, 441 Hwy 101 N (at 4th St) in Yachats – The Gem of the Oregon Coast. Parking is FREE.

$5 Admission for the weekend

1st Hour: 10am on Saturday + 9am on Sunday - Intuitive Panel with Audience Q&A
All Day - Talks + Group Readings/Healings
All Day - 50 Booths of Metaphysics, Wellness, Gems & Jewelry


Everyone at the Fair will be invited to wear a heart sticker if they are open to dating, so everyone dating can find each other.

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystals • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!


In our INTUITIVE PANEL the 1ST HOUR EACH DAY, a selection of our Practitioners will offer free readings/healings (included with admission) in an informal panel format, answering questions from the audience. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!


The Fair + Talks will continue until 6pm/5pm.

At this Fair, Enjoy these Readers, Healers and Vendors:

•    Energy Transmutation & Messages with Ashvin
•    Vibrational Medicines with Bibi McGill Bey of Imperatrix B
•    Tarot, Reiki & Astrology with Brionna Chelgren of Mystic Mantis Arts
•    Crystal Reiki Infused Jewelry by Intuitive Medium Carol Whitman of Crystals n Chi
•    Reiki Infused Jewelry & Intuitive Soul Coaching with The Chakra Coach, Cathy Gasper
•    Raw, Cut & Polished Crystals & Minerals with Stoned Princess
•    Purely Natural Designer Soap & Lotion Bars by BUBBLES!
•    Tarot with Dominoes Readings & Reiki with Eclectic Mystic Dylan Cameron
•    Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings with Elba England
•    Mystical & Metaphysical Books + Oracle Dice Readings with Elaine Correia of Inner Wisdom
•    Spiritual Counseling Sessions & Tools for Empaths with Reverend Erin-Ashley Kerti
•    Handwriting Analysis & Past Life Exploration with Erin Blackburn of Silver Thread Hypnosis
•    Tarot Reading & Archetypal Astrology Natal Chart Breakdowns with Estrella Gonzales of Somatic Starr
•    Purest Blends of Healing Oils with Ravenscroft Escentials
•    Celebrating Spiritual Feminine Divine with Goddess Within
•    Massage for Energy Therapy with Harold Toliver of Body Mechanic
•    Theatrical Jewelry by Barefoot Hippies
•    Crystals, Metaphysical Supplies & Kits by Jared Carter of Minshara Minerals
•    Healing Crystals & Custom Wirewraps with Jeanne Underwood-Jones of A Peazants Light
•    Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson
•    Psychic Intuitive Tarot Readings with Karen Campbell
•    Handmade Sculptures with Healing Crystals & Jewelry by Mystic Mermaid Arts
•    Mediumship, Tarot & Paranormal Readings with Kat Rivers
•    Handmade Goods by Woven Charms
•    Crystals, Jewelry & Beads with Wild Gypsy Realm
•    Transformative Tarot Consulting™ & Classes with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
•    Cord Removal, Pranic Healing, Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing + Intuitive Oracle & Pendulum Readings with Laura Mulroney
•    Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology & Matchmaking with Laureli Shimayo
•    Aeroponic Garden Systems & Plant Powdered Nutritional Products with Linda Sebring of LL Sebring Systems Collaborations
•    Hands & Toes: Readings for Life Purpose, Shifting Self Talk & Health with Linda
•    Copper Wrapped Crystals & Stones by Wojack the Jeweler of Deff Jemz
•    Massage & Energy Work with Melody Morton Gandy of Healing Hands Helping Hearts Massage
•    Mediumship, Card Readings, Oracle Deck & Metaphysical Art by Odwssa Ford of The Faerie Ring
•    Pranic Healing with Rebecca Block
•    Transpersonal Intuitive Readings with Robert Zakian
•    Energy Alchemy Discs for Healing, Protection & Magic + Psychic Readings with Todd Rohlsson
•    Intuitive Dowsing, Sound Healing, Space Clearing & Golden Child Energy with True Delight with Trudy Light
•    Sacred Stone Readings + Stones with Violet Young

More to come!


Enjoy these Talks (Sample from May Eugene Fair):

10:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
11:30 AM    Make the World Go Away: Create a Harmonious, Purposeful Future by Clearing + Transforming the Past with Ruth L Miller - SPECIAL GUEST* (see more below)
12:30 PM    How to Clear Your Home + Tips for Energy Dowsing with Trudy Light (#10)
1:00 PM    The Spiritual Roots of Tarot with Katrina Wynne, M.A. (#44)
2:00 PM    Microdosing Psilocybin with Bibi McGill Bey (#33)
2:30 PM    The Blessing of Empaths with Elaine Correia (#21)
3:00 PM    Mediumship Messages from Beyond with Odessa (#25)
5:00 PM    Metaphysical Singles Mingle for All Relationship Styles with Laureli Shimayo (#41)

9:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
10:30 AM    Quantum Energy Secrets for Staying Healthy with John Thompson (#11)
11:00 AM    Who Am I? Get a Deeper Understanding of You + Connect with Your Higher Self Through a Guided Meditation with Cathy Gasper (#14)
11:30 AM    Emotional Healing with Robert Zakian (#5)
12:00 PM    Read Your Hands for Health & Healing + Sample Readings with Linda (#4)
1:00 PM    Microdosing Psilocybin with Bibi McGill Bey (#33)
1:30 PM    Mediumship Messages from Beyond with Odessa (#25)
3:30 PM    TBD
4:00 PM    TBD

*We are grateful to be joined by Ruth L. Miller, an internationally known futurist and teacher of consciousness studies, who will offer insights on how we can create the future--for ourselves and for our families and communities--through the power and activity of our minds. Drawing on her book Making the World Go Away, as well as her training as a futurist and published interpretations of metaphysical writings from earlier centuries, Dr. Miller offers a straightforward method for undoing the past to clear our energies and thought-processes in a way that leads us to create a future that's in harmony with our heart's desires. 

$5 Admission includes Intuitive Panel, Talks and parking. Kids are FREE (all ages). $20 max per family. Please pay at the door or ahead on Humanitix or Eventbrite.


Sessions available at booths. Each Practitioner sets their own fees, often lower than their private sessions.


The Fair is on August 5-6, 2023: Saturday @10am-6pm and Sunday @9am-5pm at Yachats Commons, a charming, refurbished vintage elementary school, 441 Hwy 101 N @ 4th St in Yachats – The Gem of the Oregon Coast. Parking is FREE


Details are on Facebook at:

Sign up to share your work by clicking on the Get a Booth button and filling out the form at


Please visit for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo,, 720-352-2434 (text)

And remember to come back for Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic & Crafts Fair #24 in 2024. Thank you for supporting us to hold space as they rest and get ready. See details at

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