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Jul 8-9, 2023

Anacortes, WA
Masks Optional
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Fidalgo Bay Resort Event Center


4701 Fidalgo Bay Rd

Anacortes WA 98221












Event Details

Enjoy 40 Readers, Healers and Vendors + 20 Talks at our MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair + Gem Show for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul in Anacortes! Everyone is welcome!

Saturday-Sunday July 8-9 2023 @11am-6pm/5pm

$5 Admission each day 

11am-12pm Each Day - Intuitive Panel with Audience Q&A
12-7pm/5pm Each Day - 2 sets of Talks
11am-7pm/5pm - MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair

On Sunday, also enjoy a Heart Space Sound Bath @9-10:30am before the MeWe Fair - details at

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystals • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!


In our INTUITIVE PANEL @11am-12pm EACH DAY, a selection of our Practitioners will offer free readings/healings (included with admission) in an informal panel format, answering questions from the audience. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!

The Fair and Talks will continue until 6pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

At this Fair, enjoy these Readers, Healers & Vendors:

•   Tea Leaf Reading & Healing + Animal Totems with Medicine Woman Maxina Callero

•    Gentle Unwinding of CranioSacral Therapy with Ann Schurman 

•    Medical Intuition, Lemurian Healing Stones, Archedomi™ System, Insight to Life Long Repeating Patterns with Dr. Boston
•    Ethically Harvested Crystals, Gems & Minerals; Aromatics, Jewelry & Botanicals with Temple Goods + Temple Botanica
•    Intuitive Psychic Readings with Crystal Novak of Open Heart Path
•    Natural Stone Pendants Hand Wired by Debbie with Peace of the Earth Jewelry
•    Psychic Mediumship & Past Life Interpretations with Erin
•    Tarot Reading & Archetypal Astrology Natal Chart Breakdowns with Estrella Gonzales of Somatic Starr
•    Energy Psychology, Subconscious Reprogramming, Trauma Release, Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance & Non-Toxic Beauty with Evangelia's Non-Toxic Health & Beauty
•    Sound Therapy Sessions & Tools with Everitt Allen of  Sound Therapy of the Pacific North West
•    Voice Release for Lightworkers with Jan Jorgensen of Hustle & Sew
•    Handcrafted Artisanal Bath & Body Products by Confectionary Delights
•    Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson
•    Numerology & Tarot with Joy
•    Vibrational Upgrade Energy Medicine with Kristi Putnam of Unlimited Possibilities Energy Medicine
•    Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology & Matchmaking with Laureli Shimayo
•    Crystal Rune Readings with Lorelei Hewitt
•    Copper Wrapped Crystals & Stone by Wojack the Jeweler of Deff Jemz
•    Spirit Guided Intuitive Tarot Readings with Mary McKenzie of Miniature Wytche Tarot
•    Energy Transformation, Healing & Growth with Qi Lou of Healing is Growing
•    Imported Products from Asia with Quang Bui of Lhasa Trade
•    Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing & Akashic Channeling with Raquel Stewart of Astral Light
•    Mindset Coaching & Dimensional Alignment with RaShar
•    Crystal Wands & Ponds by Shelley Marantz of ShelleyBeanCrafts
•    Channeling & Past Life Exploration with Susy Goins
•    Crystals, Minerals & Healing Tools with Tania Juarez of Ixchel Crystals
•    Multi Dimensional Sacred Geometry Art Prints & Paintings by Thaddeus Hunnicutt
•    Self-Mastery Guidance & Larimar Gemstones & Jewelry with Willow of One Haku

Many more to come!

Enjoy these Talks & Group Readings/Healings:


11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A - Let us answer your questions!

12:30 PM    Increase Your Joy in Life with Energy Medicine with Kristi Putnam (#43)
1:30 PM    Using Your Quantum Energy to Stay Healthy and Youthful with John Thompson (#70)
2:00 PM    Beep, Beep...Contact with Space, An Omega Talk from The Knowledge Book with Khorsian Blanc-Ridings

3:00 PM    Your Akashic Records: Using the Magic Within You with Raquel Stewart (#78)
3:30 PM    The History and Mystery of Runic Talisman with Lorelei Hewitt (#12)
4:00 PM    Find Your Voice, Find Your Life with Jan Jorgensen (#77)
4:30 PM    Group Demo: Brain Reset of the Hypothalamus with Ann Schurman (#57)
5:00 PM    Lemurian Healing Stones + How Consciousness Functions with Dr. Boston Carter (#55)
6:00 PM    Metaphysical Singles Mingle for All Dating Styles with Laureli Shimayo

9:00 AM    Heart Space Sound Bath with Manilai
11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
12:00 PM    Energy Transformation with Qi Lou (#59)
1:00 PM    Group Demo: Brain Reset of the Hypothalamus with Ann Schurman (#57)
1:30 PM    Group Healing with Source with Susy Goins (#20)
2:00 PM    Moving from Trauma to Profound Freedom & Inner Peace with Evangelia Vensel (#4)
2:30 PM    Lemurian Healing Stones + How Consciousness Functions with Dr. Boston Carter (#55)
3:00 PM    Find Your Voice, Find Your Life with Jan Jorgensen (#77)
3:30 PM    The History and Mystery of Runic Talisman with Lorelei Hewitt (#12)
4:00 PM    Connecting to Your Guides Within with Raquel Stewart (#78)

More to be announced!

$5 Admission includes Intuitive Panel, Talks and parking (the parking lot is very large but limited - come early). Kids are FREE (all ages). $20 max per family. FREE after 5pm. Please pay at the door.

Sessions available at booths. Each Practitioner sets their own fees, often lower than their private sessions.

The Fair is on Saturday-Sunday July 8-9, 2023 @11am-6pm/5pm at the Fidalgo Bay Resort Event Center at 4701 Fidalgo Bay Rd Anacortes WA 98221. Parking is FREE on the grass lot to the north.

Details are on Facebook at:


More info on the special events is at:

Metaphysical Singles Mingle for All Relationship Styles on Saturday July 8 @6-7pm PT:

Heart Space Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls on Sunday July 9 @9-10:30am:

Sign up to share your work by clicking on the Get a Booth button and filling out the form at

[Beware of scammers - only use the link above or connect with Laureli, Crystal & Anissa at ThriveWise + MeWe Fairs - you'll know by our email]

Please visit for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo,, 720-352-2434 (text)

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