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"Last night's Online MeWe Fair was so good!!!  I connected with so many good people.  I am super happy I went."

[After an extra long 3.5 hours] "Goodnight everyone… MeWe Panels are so great! 🙏🏼🥰"


"The support of this MeWe Sangha is so lovely."

"So uplifting and enlightening!"

“Mind-blowing, heart opening!”

"I always meet really interesting people who are like-minded and highly spiritual, and I learn amazing new things."

"Inspiring and uplifting!"


"Every reader presented was spot-on."


"So grateful this is offered in a virtual format."

"I've never fit in anywhere, and I fit in here!"

“I have grown so much as a Practitioner from participating.”

“The talents of the [panel of] intuitives is exquisitely masterful and incredibly insightful.”


"Deep insight."

"The Online MeWe Fairs are well organized and well attended. Laureli's dedication shows."


"The energy in the video meeting was supportive and motivating. The synergy of energy work [from panelists] feels incredible. I'm now officially a fan, and I've already set a reminder for the upcoming events."


“I loved the energy & generosity of spirit.”

The price of admission was irresistible! Each practitioner gracefully integrated their unique talent with those of the other panelists; each clearly experienced, skilled and in complete service to every participant. The evening was rich in information, insight/intuition, authenticity and spontaneity, laced with sometimes irreverent (but never disrespectful) humor. Each participant received the honor, respect and full attention/presence of the presenters."

“We always feel welcome with open arms and leave like our soul just got hugged by everyone!!! Indeed very special – we are so happy to be there!”

“Empowerment is an understatement!!”

“I felt really ‘seen’”

“It opened up my path.”

“Personal and precious.”

“This is a very unique and exceptional source of tremendous insight and perspective."

“This trio is so powerful + gifted!” 

“Wonderful! You are so easy to work with.”

“The answers felt spot on. They really zeroed in deeply on the questions and answered in a caring manner that clearly resonated with each participant.”

“Very intuitive and insightful panel; each panelist complements the others to provide a broader perspective.”

“The panelists gain energy from each other as they help you gain insight into your challenge.”

“I got affirmation at the panel. It was great to hear the stories from and suggestions for others – I could relate to things told to others.”

“Great perspectives from many angles for me to think about and reflect on.”

“Tremendous insights about love and life from my reading as well as from everyone else. This panel format is incredibly powerful, informative and inspiring.”

“So great to show photos and hear specifics about the person in question!”

“Your advice was very accurate – relevant and true! All of you have terrific intuition and you feed off each other’s ideas.”

“The volume and variety of information and ideas is amazing.”

“I realized that many of us have similar issues, so I was able to take a little bit of advice from what you shared with others.”

“I left feeling energized, uplifted and fulfilled. It felt like an evening spent with friends overcoming blocks with wisdomful advice and laughter. I wish we had longer!”

“It was really great. I feel loved!”

“Wonderful, spiritual practitioners who feel what you are feeling and give sincere feedback. An open-minded, caring, positive and enjoyable experience.”

“You helped me feel beautiful.”

“I whole-heartedly encourage anyone looking for tools and insight into loving, spiritual relationship to attend.”

“I’m in awe of the gifts they have and share so generously.”

“Dynamic and informative and potent.”

“I loved being able to hear the feedback you all had for other people, because I can definitely apply the things that were said to my own life.”

“Amazing and helpful insights that will help me navigate successfully through life. This is a very powerful forum.”

“Happiness is this panel – light and love and heart!”

“I found my soul purpose!”

“I’ve never done something like this and it was a great experience.”

“Very heart/soul-ful insights.”

“It is quite amazing what people bring out of themselves in the presence of three intuitives.”

“Our hearts were definitely touched and raised with warmth and love.”

“A great place to become aware of opportunities and possibilities!”

“I had such a great time. You ladies helped me so much. I feel more equipped to be present!”

“Great feedback on illuminating what is not always so obvious to me. YOU LADIES ARE SO CUTE!”

“Great introduction to different healing modalities and verbal styles.”

“I felt so connected to everyone’s questions and issues.”

“Intuitive wisdom, keen insights. I gain very valuable insights-both from my reading and other attendee readings.”

“The energy and vibration level was like a warm blanket – very comforting.”

“The power of providing intuitive support is priceless.”

“Loved your clarity, presence and the diversity of the panel.”

“I found value and things that resonated with me in the answers to every question. It’s like working on a whole lot of my own issues, but objectively, through the experience of other similar people.”

“You all bring so much joy and love.”

“I look forward to these events so much. The panelists are wonderfully skilled, and the setting has consistently been warm, welcoming and supportive.”

"Very insightful EVERY TIME; so refreshing to get spiritually based coaching!!"

"Very relaxing and open event. Felt comfortable and easy to share."

"In a world of technology, chaos and overwhelm, it's so refreshing to be in your presence."

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