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Fair Logistics: What, When, etc.

Some of the logistics info for every Fair is the same, even in very different venues, so here is my attempt to create a basic summary for you. Maybe I'll even list all the venues below with their peculiarities!!! 


Our Fairs are all 2 days, 2.5 days or 3 days. You can get a Booth for all days or only 1 day. Our typical hours are Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. Special Events (e.g., paid workshops) typically happen before/after these hours. 


You are always welcome to leave your Booth set up overnight. We hire security when we're in an open space (e.g., Bellevue, Lynnwood). I stay until the venue is locked, and I'm the first in every day. Of course, life has risks. Some people pack up the most valuable stuff each day, others have insurance, etc.


Whenever affordable, we aim to let you set up your Booth a day before. Sometimes that is simply not possible (e.g., Lynnwood, Bellevue, Ashland, Seaside, Olympia).

When we have the venue a day ahead, we typically set up the VENUE at 11am, you can come help for trade credit ($24/hr) towards your Booth fee, then everyone can set up their BOOTH from 4-7pm-ish. 

For 2-Day Fairs, this happens on Friday. for 3-Day Fairs, this happens on Saturday. 

On Friday (3-Day Fairs) and Saturday, Booth setup usually starts at 8am, and the Fair opens at 11am. On Sunday, Booth setup usually starts at 9am, and the Fair opens at 11am. Ask if you need more time.

When we don't have the venue a day ahead, sometimes we do venue setup in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the early morning. Look for specific details from us. 

For the 2.5 day Fairs and 3 day Fairs, we usually do a rolling setup, as some people are in all 3 days, some 2 days, etc. So people are setting up Booths all the time.

2.5 DAYS

We usually are doing VENUE setup starting sometime between 6-8am, then BOOTH setup starting at 1pm, and then we open to the public at 4pm. You are welcome to set up your Booth while the Fair is open in the evening. We continue with Booth setup at 8am Saturday and 9am Sunday, as usual.


Setting up the venue entails putting BLUE TAPE on the corners of every Booth so everyone knows where to go and everyone fits.


Stay tuned for more...

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