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Laureli Shimayo

Co-Creator, Founder & Events Producer

Laureli is grounded and practical while also spacious, intuitive and spiritual. She began running these events after moving to the northwest to connect with conscious and metaphysical communities; she had no idea how much others were yearning for this too. Laureli is an Intuitive Eye Reader and Body Psychology Coach. She's enjoyed discovering how to make these events more successful for everyone: the public, practitioners, product creators and the planet. Learn more about her and her work at

Heather Mist Smith

Co-Creator, Inspiring Artist

Heather connected with Laureli early on - destiny put them together at a Body Mind Soul event, and they've been collaborating to create transformational experiences ever since. Heather is an Inner Magic Coach. She began her practitioner journey by accessing the Akashic Records and inviting wisdom to ground in our human experience. She often contributes creative and inspiring ideas, processes, themes, and enticing color to our events. Heather opens opportunities. Learn more about her and her work at (Heather has paused her participation, and her magical touch lives on!)

About MEW

About MeWe Events

We began in 2014, inspired by stories of a group in California, as told by Heidi Holland Robinson, a hypnotherapist. Laureli's big living room in SE Portland held the first few events, and from these emerged a community and our Fairs. We started with 6 practitioners in the living room, and we quickly grew to 11 practitioners spread all over Laureli's house. From the beginning we made it a community atmosphere for both practitioners and the public with vulnerability, tea, snacks and friends.

When Laureli moved to Seattle in 2016, we rented event space in Portland and grew again. After a few experiments, we finally settled on one spot for most of 2017-18. With Heather's encouragement, we added more cities: Eugene, then Salem. Laureli was learning the lay of the land in Seattle too - there were many more, larger and more frequent fairs. There was a gap on the Eastside, and we filled it...

We keep learning and growing. In Fall 2018 we moved to the larger space in Eugene, growing from 25 to 45 vendors, plus we offered Free Talks along with the Free Intuitive Panel. Then Portland grew to 30.

In January 2019, we launched this new website, moved to larger venues (70+ vendors) and began hosting Online Fairs. We now have many Online events each month. Now all in-person Fairs run 2 days. In 2022 we ran our first Online Symposium and grew to more cities! More to come!

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