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What To Bring & How To Play

Sign up for your booth using our form. You'll see our agreements with each other and then choose which events you want to attend, which size booth you want (dimensions, pricing), where you want your booth to be, how you want us to describe what you'll offer, if you want to give a Talk, special requests for lights/scents/electricity, etc., and all of your contact information. The next steps are: 

As you get ready for an event:

Get tips on how to plan out how you'll set up your Booth in the video above.

[Masks are now optional!]

Now that our Fairs are 11am-7pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday (Portland is Friday too!), arrive in time to be all set up by 10:45am: likely between 8:00-10:45am. Product vendors who need more time are welcome to make special arrangements. See the addresses on our Facebook page.

Bring your furniture unless you purchased use of ours. Check the price list. Chairs are provided in all venues. now. Also bring

  • an ~8×11 sign or flyers for our front table (if we have one)

  • a sign-up sheet for your station (optional) and ways to record client and prospect info

  • cards, flyers and other marketing materials

  • ways to take money and make change (we should have internet everywhere)

  • one or more tablecloths

  • everything else you need to share your work

After you unload, move your car to the street or area of the parking lot to the side, or if it is one large lot, to the far back edge - as we want the up-close spots, many of them, to be for your future clients!

Every venue has different rules. Common procedures include:

  • No flame

  • No animals

  • No food in Lynnwood, Portland and Eugene (we'll all bring food in Bellevue & Anacortes if no food trucks)

  • Put nothing on the walls

  • Eugene's Lane Events Center does not allow CBD or other federally banned products (ugh)

  • Some MLMs require only one representative per event (we've added this to the application form)

Prepare to optionally participate in the Intuitive Panel which begins each day at 11am. All willing practitioners and vendors introduce themselves, we share logistics, and then we answer questions.

  • Everything you share ought to be a gift and of service, it is indirect marketing by demonstration, it is not direct sales (e.g., don't say, "come to my table...")

  • We'll ask for questions, choose someone, and then 3-6 of us will share our answers

  • Share very briefly, ideally only 1 min each, so others may also have a chance to respond

  • After you've shared once or twice, take a pause and let others share

  • Feel free to leave for a while and come back, or simply go back to your station

  • We continue for about 1 hour, until about 12:10pm

  • Afterwards we'll rearrange the space Talks for the rest of the day

Plan to stay the entire Fair (unless you have permission to leave early). We have been and aim to be busy the entire time! You are welcome to leave your Booth set up overnight (we hire a security guard if the venue cannot be locked). Please do clean up promptly at 5pm on Sunday or as soon as you finish your last session/sale.

We hope you have GREAT DAYS at the Fair!!!

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