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Lynnwood, WA

October 14-15

November 25-26

Anacortes, WA

Portland, OR

September 15-17

December 15-17

Bellevue, WA

Ocean Shores, WA

Eugene, OR

September 9-10

December 2-3

Auburn, WA

December 9-10

Ashland, OR

October 28-29

Yachats, OR

Masks are now optional in all our venues.

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Our aim is to create empowering and inspiring community for our readers, healers, teachers and spiritual product vendors. Our fairs include 45-100+ booths, samples of our work, introductions and an intuitive panel, sweet and savory food, education, lightworkers and expanding consciousness.




Our panel is an opportunity to meet all the practitioners and vendors and hear about what they offer, then receive their answers, insight and healing energy in response to your questions. You may ask anything - the more personal the better. The practitioners provide samples of their work while they are of service to those asking and listening.

Intuive Panel



Our Awakening Panels include 4-8 Readers & Healers sharing their insight, wisdom, intuition and energy with the audience. We focus the evening on a theme, sharing about ourselves and our perspectives on the theme. Then we answer meaningful and challenging questions from the audience. We weave our answers, dancing with what arises. The experiences are joyful for us and the attendees. See our Testimonials.

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