Let Us Interview You!

We offer to video interview you, our readers, healers and vendors, so the public can get to know us before attending an event. 


Schedule a 15 min appointment with Laureli. Download zoom.us (you don't need an account). it is better to use your computer or tablet, however a smartphone will also work. Your device needs to have a microphone, speaker and camera. Choose a spot with a nice backdrop and good lighting (on your face). You don't want to be backlit (e.g., a window open behind you). Set our device where it is stead and frames you well.


We'll have an easy conversation. I typically ask: 1) what do you share at a fair, 2) how did you open to your intuition/gifts and/or get started doing this work, 3) questions about your work that spontaneously arise, and 4) how people can connect with you online. We'll record 5+ minutes and can always start over.... Let's have fun!