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MeWe Fair + Gem Show

in Portland, OR


June 4-5


Masks Optional

RSVP on EB or FB

MeWe Fairs Portland Jun 4-5 2022 v2 FB.jpg


by Hilton Portland

1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232










Event Details

Enjoy 70 Readers, Healers and Vendors + 20 Talks at our MeWe Metaphysics & Wellness Fair + Gem Show for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul in Portland, OR! Everyone is welcome!

Saturday-Sunday June 4-5, 2022 @11am-7pm
$5 Admission each day * ALL ARE WELCOME * PARKING FREE

11am-12pm Each Day - Intuitive Panel with Audience Q&A
12-7pm Each Day - 2 sets of Free Talks (included with admission)
11am-7pm - MeWe Metaphysical & Wellness Fair


Park in the DoubleTree parking lot and keep your ticket. We'll give you a green ticket that you'll use as payment with your other ticket when you leave. Be sure to get a parking payment ticket from us when you leave the Fair.

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystal • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!

We have an INTUITIVE PANEL from 11am-12pm, a selection of our practitioners will offer their work for free in an informal panel format, answering your questions. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!

The Fair and Talks will continue until 7pm.

At this Fair, enjoy these Readers, Healers and Vendors:

•    Shamanic/Psychic Readings & Clearings with Alethea Devi
•    Animal Communication & Energy Healing with Alicia Rose
•    Astrology Love Timing with Amber Blase 
•    Amethyst Crystals & Jewelry for Joy with Amethyst Central
•    Supporting Empaths and the Community in Decoding & Detecting Narcissistic Traits & Behaviors with Author, Angela Myer
•    Reiki Infused Crystals & Jewelry With a Purpose with Aphena
•    Life Journey & Spirit Guide Conversations with Audrey Lee 
•    Aura Photos & Readings via Biofeedback with Aura About You
•    Trusted Effective CBD products since 2017 with Jessica of  Bumble B. Well CBD
•    Vibrational Sound Therapy with Chaz of Sound Crystal Vibrations
•    Chiropractic Care & Therapy with Chiro One Wellness Centers
•    Soul Centered Tarot Channeling for Healing & Soul Evolution with Coralea Hart 
•    Charms & Talismans by Corner of the Eye
•    Psychic Mediumship Readings & Spiritual Advisory with Crissy 
•    Akashic Records & Past Life Oracle Readings with Dani
•    Vibrational Attunement Sessions with Daniel Steinmetz
•    Breathwork with Daniela Caine
•    Intuitive Aura Camera Readings & Photos, Crystals, & Herbal Tinctures with Dave Shepp, Collective Alchemists
•    Copper Wrapped Crystals & Stone with Deff Jemz
•    Gentle Acupuncture for Anxiety by Be Well Holistic Health with Dessa Bingley
•    Siegfried Crystals with Dianne Siegfried
•    Spinal Healing with Energetic Intelligence with Dr. Danielle Jordan DC
•    Tarot with Dominoes Readings & Reiki with Eclectic Mystic Dylan Cameron
•    Inviting Deep Transformation Through Sound Healing with Elizabeth Lavenue
•    Spell Candles, Bottles, Incense & More with Emerald Rose Quartz
•    Intuitive Readings & Energy Work with Gabi Schoening
•    Energy Healing & Angel Readings with Grace Evergreen
•    Communication with Animals both Living & Deceased with Hannah Smargiassi
•    Intuition, Tarot, Astrology & Handmade Crystal Sun & Moon Catchers + Other Metaphysical Items with The Twin Moons
•    Shamanic Healing with Healing Sacred Feminine
•    Fall Prevention with Quit Falling and Ingrid Borland
•    Quantum Leaping — Intuitive Psychic Readings with Iridescent Tarot 
•    Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Karmic Life Path Number Readings with Jane Allen
•    Total Life Changes All Natural Products & Supplements with Jasmine
•    Healing Crystals & Custom Wirewraps with A Peazants Light 
•    Tea Leaf Reading with Jill
•    Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson
•    Channeled Tarot & Akashic Past Life Readings with The Conscious Dreamer Joshua Martin
•    Channeling, Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, QHHT with Divine Timing Metaphysical Services
•    Energy Clearing & Oracle Card Readings with Hawaiian Kahuna Kai Bertrand
•    Fairly Traded Latin American Art with Karen Fura
•    Decorative Designer Candles by Karyline Candles
•    Evolutionary Astrology & Intuitive Guidance with Keith Barrett
•    Intuitive Eye Reading, Body Psychology & Matchmaking with Laureli Shimayo
•    Mind, Body & Spirit Hair & Energy Healing Plus Apothecary with Lindsay Blodgett
•    Metaphysical Wares of Spirituality with Luna Sage Mystics
•    Energy Shifts from Physical & Emotional Healing with Mark Ludeman
•    Shamanic & Sound Healing with Merkaba Heart
•    Connecting with Loved Ones Through Mediumship & Spirit Portraits with Miguel Gonzalez
•    Pristine Oregon Mountain Spring Moon Fusion Water
•    "Premonition - The Exhilaration
Journey, Our Intuitive Adventure! by"
•    Natural Solutions for Indoor Air Pollution, with Pacific Clean Air Solutions
•    Tarot, Reiki & Spiritual Advisory with Phyllis Hedge
•    Imported Products from Asia with Quang Bui of Lhasa Trade
•    Laser Reiki with Raina of Rainbow Butterfly Reiki 
•    Human Design Readings & Reiki with Raven Healing
•    Transpersonal Intuitive Readings with Robert Zakian
•    Find Your Real Life Purpose in Your Own Unique Fingerprints with Ronelle Coburn
•    Breathwork & Reiki with Ryan
•    Palmistry with Sacha Delgado
•    Tarot & Intuitive Psychic Readings with Sandra
•    Feng Shui Products with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui
•    Wellness Arts with The Wellbeing Coven
•    Medicine Bags, Blessing Jars, Candles, Fairy Houses & Oracle Card Readings with Summer Lang
•    Psychic Insight Readings by Sylvia 
•    Metaphysical Items & Crystals with TandT Creations
•    Wiccan & Astrology Infused Tarot with Witch Moon Magical Arts
•    Handmade Goods by Woven Charms     

Enjoy 20 Talks on Saturday & Sunday:

11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
12:30 PM    Personality Types Through Hand Shape with Sasha Delgado
1:00 PM    Premonition – The Exhilaration Journey! with John Pease
2:00 PM    Guided Crystal Shamanic Journey with Joshua Martin 
2:30 PM    The Way Home with Robert Zakian
3:00 PM    Miracle Moments & Group Blessing with Alicia Rose
3:30 PM    Transforming Your Mind & Body with Jasmine of Total Life Changes
4:00 PM    Group Breathwork Session for Release & Healing with Daniela Caine
4:30 PM    Drum Meditation with Merkaba Heart

12:30 PM    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? with Alethea Devi
1:30 PM    Psychic Mediumship with Crissy
2:00 PM    Heart & Mind: A Story of Love, Mistrust & Sabotage with Grace Evergreen
2:30 PM    Speaking Your Truth with Difficult People with Angela Myer
3:00 PM    How To Make Strong Romantic Connections with Astrology Love Timing with Amber Blase
3:30 PM    Self Love: Healing from Within with Luna Sage Mystics

SUNDAY - A    
11:00 AM    Intuitive Panel of Audience Q&A
12:30 PM    Angel Readings with Grace Evergreen
1:00 PM    Premonition – The Exhilaration Journey! with John Pease
2:00 PM    The 5 Gifts of the Spine with Dr. Danielle Jordan
2:30 PM    Self Love- Healing from Within with Luna Sage Mystics
3:00 PM    Speaking Your Truth with Difficult People with Angela Myer
3:30 PM    How to Make Strong Romantic Connections with Astrology Love Timing with Amber Blase
4:00 PM    Guided Drum Meditation for Sacred Feminine Empowerment with Healing Sacred Feminine

SUNDAY - B    
12:30 PM   Group Breathwork Session for Release & Healing with Daniela Caine
1:30 PM    Ask the Cards & Get Clarity with Luna Supreme
2:00 PM    Quantum Energy Secrets for Staying Healthy with John Thompson

2:30 PM    Group Healing with Source Energy with Mark Ludeman

$5/Day Admission includes Intuitive Panel, Talks and parking (the parking lot is very large but limited - come early).

Kids are FREE (all ages). $20 max per family. FREE after 5pm. Please pay at the door.

Sessions available at booths. Each Practitioner sets their own fees, often lower than their private sessions.

The Fair is on Saturday-Sunday June 4-5 @11am-7pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland at 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232. PARKING is FREE (park in the DoubleTree parking lot and get a payment ticket from us when you leave the Fair).

Details are on Facebook at:

Sign up to share your work by clicking on the Get a Booth button and filling out the form at

Please visit for more information or contact Laureli Shimayo,, 720-352-2434 (text)

There may be other events scheduled during the days before the Fair. Stay tuned!

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